News from the company and the industry

  • News 24.03.2021

    Mediabox Release 2021.1.1

    There have been some tweaks as well as exciting new features added to the product with the latest MSP Mediabox Releases.

  • News 10.03.2021

    Qumulo File Storage

    The petabyte era is increasingly presenting storage challenges to enterprises and other organizations: MSP is using technology that is radically easy to manage and scale: The Qumulo File Fabric (QF2) manages trillions of files and thousands of petabytes with minimal overhead.

  • News 10.03.2021

    Backing up Qumulo with Bareos

    Qumulo nodes will make your infrastructure more robust but you should consider backing up your files. MSP is here to help.

  • News 26.02.2021

    MSP AG and viingx AG become strategic partners

    MSP AG is taking a strategic stake in viingx AG and, in the process, is taking over one of the three seats on the board of directors. Both companies benefit from the expansion of their partner network and the associated technology sharing.