censhare Workfront Connector


Get the best of both worlds and connect the industry-leading Work Management Solution Workfront to the world-class Content Hub censhare.

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Project Workflow & Task Sync

  • Projects and Tasks created in Workfront are pushed to censhare.

  • Hours and comments logged in censhare are pushed to Workfront.

  • Users work in the system best suited to their responsibilities, wether censhare
    or Workfront, but benefit from the strength of both systems.

censhare DAM as Workfront storage

  • Assets attached to projects/tasks in Workfront are stored in censhare.

  • Assets stored in censhare are visible in Workfront and can be linked.

  • Companies using censhare can leverage existing assets in Workfront.

  • censhare offers far more functions than the existing DAM integrations in Workfront.

censhare extended by proofing solution proofHQ from Workfront

  • Assets can be sent from censhare to the ProofHQ workflow in Workfront.

  • Proofing results from proofHQ are directly visible in censhare.

censhare Workfront Connector Factsheet MSP AG

Better together | Work Management + Content Management Hub

  • Create & Manage Your Projects

  • Review & Approve Work

  • Manage Resource Utilization

  • Link Digital Assets to Projects & Tasks

  • Project Dashboards & Reporting

  • Provide Level of Effort

  • Create & Manage Digital Assets

  • Locate & Reuse Existing Assets

  • Receive Work Assignments

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