Project and content management hand in hand

Get the best of both worlds and combine the industry-leading work management solution Workfront with the censhare Content Hub.

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Censhare + Workfront: One connector for your marketing teams and campaigns

Whether you're managing product information or developing global marketing campaigns: Content and project work make up a large part of your daily work. Exchanging information, creating content, structuring processes and workflows - all this should be possible collaboratively and on the basis of a central database. With the censhare Workfront Connector, you create projects and tasks in Workfront, which are pushed to censhare. Hours and comments logged in censhare are pushed to Workfront. All users always work in the system that is best suited to their tasks, but benefit from the strengths of both systems.

censhare Workfront Connector
  • censhare DAM as Workfront Storage

    Digital assets attached to Projects or Tasks in Workfront are stored in censhare. Assets stored in censhare are visible from Workfront, and can be linked to work. Organizations already using censhare can leverage existing assets in Workfront. censhare again provides capabilities far beyond those of existing DAM integrations in Workfront.

  • censhare extended by proofing solution proofHQ from Workfront

    Assets can be send from censhare to proofHQ workflow in Workfront. Proofing results from proofHQ are directly visible in censhare. >> censhare ecosphere solutions

Better Together

  • Create & Manage Your Projects

  • Review & Approve Work

  • Manage Resource Utilization

  • Manage Resource Utilization

  • Project Dashboards & Reporting

  • Provide Level of Effort

  • Create & Manage Digital Assets

  • Locate & Reuse Existing Assets

  • Receive Work Assignments

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Project and Task sync

Combine project management and design tasks with Adobe Workfront and censhare Content Hub. The Workfront censhare Connector makes it possible to manage projects and tasks in Workfront and synchronize them with censhare. This allows users to spend their time in their tool, designers in censhare - project managers in Workfront, and utilize the strengths of both platforms.

File sync

The Workfront Connecter enables the synchronization of assets (images, PDFs and other documents) between the censhare and Workfront systems. There are several ways to do this in both tools. The Workfront Connecter facilitates the exchange of files between censhare and Workfront, resulting in higher user productivity.

Proofing and Commenting

The Workfront Proof system extends what is available in censhare and can be used on any sync’d assets. The process can be configured to create a Proof automatically when an asset is sync’d via an action in censhare or manually in Workfront. The proof is controlled in Workfront and a multiple reviewer workflow can be applied as needed.


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