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censhare as the heart of product communication

markilux is one of the largest German awning manufacturers. The traditional company from Emsdetten develops and manufactures high-quality tailor-made awnings. The products are sold worldwide via a large network of specialist partners.

MSP has integrated censhare as a software for efficient Product Information Management (PIM) in the areas of Marketing and Business Development, Product Management and Technical Communications.

Relation between characteristics and metadata

Complex products require challenging data management. A markilux awning is available in more than 1. 5 million variants. Everything is custom-made to the millimetre. Numerous colours, fabrics and functions can be configured. In total there are around 60 different awning models. In addition, there are other products such as spare parts and accessories. To reflect this diversity in catalogues, brochures, instructions and on the website, product features, prices and images have to be related to eachother. Prior to the introduction of censhare, much of this data was lying dormant in various places in the company network. If there was a product update, that kicked off a big wave of manual changes. Correction loops, insular knowledge, lost information - the double data management was prone to errors and caused a lot of additional work.

New department, new modules

In order to get a grip on its data, markilux systematically restructured. They gained an overview of all storage locations and created a new department: product management. It forms a close interface to technical communication as well as marketing and business development.

We took the opportunity to optimize the organizational structure and to anchor processes more clearly in the company.

Christiane Berning, Head of Marketing and Business Development

On this basis and in close cooperation with markilux, MSP implemented the PIM structure in censhare. Each asset now has its place in a large semantic network - the heart of all communication measures at markilux. 20 employees are actively working with the software. Sales and dealers benefit from features such as the media library, where images, brochures and various documents can be easily downloaded. Via the newly developed advertising material shop, specialist partners can order advertising material and soon also spare parts directly online. For the customer website, MSP integrated the dealer search and the awning cloth finder, a search assistant for colours, patterns and fabrics.

markilux had envisaged various providers in advance. Based on references and direct communication with users, censhare was chosen. " We opted for MSP as an integrator because of the high level of technical know-how, which was already evident in the initial discussions. A lot of practice, qualified employees and good service have made the package perfect for us”, says Julian Bohnenkamp, project manager for censhare integration at markilux.

Steinberg Case Study

Central access to information

In addition to the newly created department, workflows were optimized and communication streamlined. It was a big challenge to take the employees with them. " Working with a new software is initially an additional effort for many. The benefits will only be felt gradually”, says Christiane Berning, Head of Marketing and Business Development. " For example, we no longer have to ask ourselves: Where is the last corrected version? This is well received by many colleagues.”

Another innovation is web-based translation management. Translators can conveniently log in via the censhare web client without VPN and work directly in the system. In addition, terminologies and country variants can be defined. Using the memory function, the system learns more every time it is translated. markilux works with six main languages and a further 12 languages for installation and operating instructions as well as important technical documentation. Translation management is also an important feature for the website.

"The paths are now shorter and clearer," Julian Bohnenkamp sums up. The question is no longer: who gets what, when, from where? All product information is managed centrally. By using censhare, markilux is also able to better and more efficiently transport a uniform brand presence consistently into all channels and markets.


  • Transparent communication processes

  • Streamline effort for updates

  • integrated translation management

  • integrated website-playout

  • Map workflows

  • revision control

Steinberg Case Study

All teams can access the product database easily via the censhare webclient.

Images, texts, documents, technical drawings – all media are assigned to the appropriate product family and are managed centrally.


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