Social responsibility

Internal and external

An overview of how we see our social responsibility

Towards our collegium

  • Work-life balance

  • Homeoffice

  • Permanent employment contracts

  • BGF - Health comes first

  • Ergonomic workstations

  • Occupational Safety & Protection

  • Needs are heard (professional and private)

  • Shitbox (the MSP suggestion box)

  • Strengthen your back and keep it free (professionally and privately)

  • Equality (age, gender, origin)

  • Subsidy for daycare

  • Team building (events, afterworks, breakfast, etc.)

  • Further training

  • Recruit bonuses for employees

  • Corporate Benefits

  • Gifts (wedding, birth, anniversaries)

  • Personalized birthday cards

  • Educational vacation

  • 30 days vacation

  • Public transport ticket

Towards our fellow human beings

  • Annual donations to social institutions & campaigns (e.g. Ankerland)

  • Social Day - A spring fit garden for Ankerland

  • Donations to flood victims

  • Donations to Ukraine

  • Christmas package convoy

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