Success Story Site and Jira


MSP AG uses SITE to handle cross-departmental tasks and billing-related processes. For software development as well as project and ticket handling, the Hamburg-based company relies on Jira. A customised interface between these two systems now ensures seamless integration as well as automated data transfer and correction.

MSP AG has replaced the existing ERP c-entron with SITE from Singhammer. With SITE and the customised Jira interface, MSP AG can realise synergy potentials that pay off on various levels: processes and workflows in many company areas are now optimally interlinked. Everything meshes effectively and is transparent at the same time. The Jira interface was put into operation within half a year. The relevant data is transferred from Jira to SITE via web services using logic developed by MSP. A second processing logic pushes the accounting-relevant information from here into the required standard areas in SITE.

The interface has considerably simplified the billing process for services. Thus, MSP AG benefits from the fact that the frequency of errors has decreased and service billing has become more efficient and faster.

If you have specific questions, you can contact our IT sales department directly: +49 40 31991619-200.

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