Goodbye white walls!

March 2018 | MSP Interior Design

We say goodbye to white walls and welcome our pimped out MSP office in Hamburg.

Next stop Hamburg "Große Bergstraße": please exit here for our new bus stop in the entrance hall on the 4th floor. Followed by Hamburg's harbor in the censhare department (even without the smell of a fish sandwich ). Moving on to another transportation opportunity, you can also the subway at "Lafayette Street" (MSP IS headquarters) in New York straight back to Hamburg's "Königsstraße" (MSP AG headquarters) without changing trains. Just be aware to mind the gap between the train and the platform!

Back in the city that never sleeps, a traffic light shows us the right path. Even the Statue of Liberty welcomes us. Would she hold Hamburg's Fritz Cola, she could even pass as a true "Hamburger". If you get closer, you can see that she remains a true New York monument surrounded by its beautiful skyline.

Stay tuned for more of MSP's graffiti adventures!