Mobile working in times of Corona

Ensure IT security and protect data

Working independent of location is a great benefit for more and more industries. Newly developed hardware, fast Internet connections and digitalised work processes make this possible. Currently, mobile working even secures the existence of some companies. This depends on powerful and, above all, secure technical equipment with which employees can access the company network remotely.

First and foremost, mobile working means more flexibility. But what should be done if - as in the case of the Corona pandemic - it becomes a sudden duty of care or even an obligation, and this is the only way to maintain the company's continued existence? Not everyone is prepared for this situation. There is often a lack of reliable technology. In addition to powerful laptops, necessary programs and access to the server with a secure line, a secure home WLAN should also be guaranteed so that sensitive data remains secure and dangerous security gaps can be avoided.

To be considered:

  • All devices must be password protected

  • Sensitive data should not be exchanged via the open Internet

  • Suitable encryption systems for e-mail transmission

  • Provide hardware with professional virus protection

  • Save sensitive data regularly on the company's own server

  • Updating operating systems renew the security standards

  • Centralized software distribution and security solutions

Support from specialists

MSP AG supplies the necessary equipment to enable employees to connect securely to devices in the company. Dedicated WLAN solutions, virus protection and centralized software distribution can also be provided by the Hamburg-based IT service provider.

MSP operates firewall solutions and enables client VPN connections to central IT infrastructure. Through these, company computers or private devices/BYOD can log into the company network. If a terminal server solution is available, employees simply connect to the computer in the company via remote desktop (remote control). Thus, it is possible to work from anywhere in the company environment as usual.

If no terminal server solution is available, employees can access the company's resources: File server, telephone system, other servers that need to be reached. This enables access to everything that should be used, but not be freely accessible via the Internet.

General information on the topic "Mobile Working

Strictly speaking, it is not just a single workplace. Mobile working is possible within an agreed framework from any location. Here the dependence on the legal basis in operation, the scope of tasks and the required hardware must be taken into account.

Legal bases and advantages of mobile working

Basically, occupational safety regulations, such as a limitation of the permissible working hours and protection by the statutory accident insurance, apply equally in the office and on the road. Even if the details of mobile work escape the employer's control, this has many advantages for both sides. For example, employees declare with the possibility of mobile working a willingness to travel on business, which is stipulated in the corresponding employment contracts. The flexibility gained can provide a better work-life balance and make it possible to reconcile family and career. On top of that, the trust placed in us by the employer also promotes the employees' sense of responsibility. In the context of appreciative communication, this can have a motivating and performance-enhancing effect. However, the principle only works if employees are able to draw boundaries and the employer in turn accepts them. According to studies, mobile working tempts employees to work longer hours on their own initiative and to mix work and private life. There is a lack of clear structures and team ties can be lost. This is where fixed presence times in the company, collaborative software and regular, virtually controlled measures help.