MSP Mediabox Release 2021.1.2 and 1.3

Current enhancements and optimizations

We have developed several optimizations and exciting new features for our censhare Mediabox Module. These make it easier for you to search for and view various media, for example.

MSP Mediabox Release 2021.1.2


  • Sorting of search results: Search results can now be sorted by relevance.

  • Localized file names:The display of localized file names has been optimized. The prerequisite for this is the use of multilingualism and corresponding asset maintenance. If everything has been maintained, the corresponding localization of the user is displayed. If languages are not fully maintained, EN is used as fallback. If no localized names have been maintained, the asset name is displayed.


  • Value list filter: In the future, the name will be used instead of the value when using value lists.

  • Download of large shopping cart: Even large shopping carts can be downloaded indefinitely.

  • Scrolling in shopping cart pop-up: When adding new images to an existing cart, it is now possible to scroll through an unlimited number of carts within the pop-up.

  • Remove Filter: A misbehavior with the Clear Filter function and Back to Home has been fixed.

  • Scroll Display: When scrolling within a search results list, the user is now automatically redirected to the top of the search results subpage on the subsequent page.

  • Download option for multiple selection: When selecting different asset types for download, the restriction within the download options has been fixed.

MSP Mediabox Release 2021.1.3


  • Share function: In the future, the generation of a share link is guaranteed to be faster. In addition, large shopping carts can now be shared.

  • Shopping cart loading time: Fixed login issues when there are many and large shopping carts.

  • Daily Download Limit: In the future, an error message will be displayed if the daily download limit is exceeded.

  • Filter search: The full text search of the filter has been optimized on deeper levels.

You want to know more about the current release or the Mediabox as a whole? Feel free to contact your personal contact person at MSP or get in touch with us.

The most important information about Mediabox as well as our factsheet for download can be found here.