Crisis-proof product communication

with censhare

"For censhare users it makes no difference whether they work in the office or the home office.“

These days in particular, many marketing and product managers are looking for a tool that allows them to call up and edit content and product data in one system that is always up-to-date and error-free, use it for various marketing and sales materials and publish it via all channels.

Imagine that these marketing and product managers could collaborate with team colleagues, other creative professionals, translators and partners anytime, anywhere in the designated system. Creation and coordination processes are clear and well-organized. Data and versions are securely stored, and variants for different regions and countries are quickly created.

"This system makes it possible to easily manage all product communication from home.“

Of course a system never replaces interpersonal contact, but it can create more room for exchange and creativity. Employees don't have to constantly switch from one software to another, correct errors that occur when transferring data, or laboriously search for information.

The semantics on which censhare is based enable structures and keywords to be made comprehensible for every user and content to be networked in a meaningful way. MSP supports you in creating the corresponding structures and processes.

So what does a software/system need to to be "crisis-proof"?

  • Central storage of all data records

  • Versioning/manage data records in an audit-proof manner

  • Overview of the daily work list of each individual

  • Workflow support for process customization

  • High Availability Structure

  • A reliable integration and support partner

Which processes and structures should be created in the run-up to the crisis?

  • Remote-capable IT landscape (mobile workplaces, VPN, software distribution)

  • System-based publication and resource planning

  • Clearly defined production and administration processes

Retailer example

  • Automated interfaces in the system landscape, without manual intervention

  • Action data records are systematically communicated in a process-supported manner (ERP -> censhare -> Handbill /Web/eCommerce)

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