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Advertising material for various social media channels

In order to be able to reach customers locally with tailored regional offers and campaigns, national marketing works closely with the regional advertising coordinators for the individual Rewe Markt GmbH stores. In order to avoid having to call in the production of advertising material or an agency for every social media posting, Rewe has developed a wizard for censhare together with MSP AG. This supports users step by step in creating media for their social media channels in the appropriate CI and with access to the comprehensive REWE database. (For more information on the use of censhare at Rewe, please also read the general case study „Centralized ad media production and automation for Retail enterprise“).

Initial situation

The development of the social media wizard was preceded by the Web2Print process. This process was initiated by the HR department and simplifies the decentralized creation of of personnel advertising materials on the basis of various templates.

In addition to the recruitment advertising media, there is a whole range of individual information, promotions and offers that each Rewe region communicates via its own channels. For example, a store may want to provide information about a new opening, a summer festival, or a delivery service. After approval, the data from this process goes to the regional print company. In the next step, it should also be possible to generate media for social networks and then send them automatically to the relevant people. Until now, this was not possible without detours via advertising or production departments at Rewe Markt GmbH.

„Even though each store offers its customers an individual shopping experience, recognition value is also important to us in social media. The Wizard gives us more flexibility and faster implementation within the defined CI specifications.“

Stefanie Dilling
Senior Project Manager, Marketing, Rewe Markt GmbH


  • Faster creation of social media postings

  • More flexible and customized design of the media

  • Lower costs by streamlining and automating the process

  • Higher quality through clearly defined specifications for CI and visual language

Use of the Social Media Wizard

Via the censhare Web Client, users are guided through defined steps with the help of the wizard in order to create an individual advertising medium for various social media channels. It is possible to select and place an image from the REWE database. Color and text can also be adjusted or entered. The templates are tailored to the format of the respective social media channel. At the end of the order process, address data for cost accounting and other information are entered. After a final check (CI and image rights), the media are sent by e-mail for publication. One expansion stage could be to post directly from censhare.

1 | Define format and colors

Each social network has different formats and specifications, for which templates have been created in censhare. The color and position of the text stage can be defined and edited in the corporate design.

2 | Select image

To place images, users can access the REWE database or upload an individual image to censhare. CI and image rights are still being finalized.

3 | Add Metadata

Metadata such as client, briefing, budget, region, duration of validity, etc. are added at the end. After completion, a release e-mail with all information is sent automatically.


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