Centralized ad media production and automation for Retail enterprise.

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A censhare module for the retail industry

REWE Markt GmbH is part of the REWE Group, one of the leading trade and tourism conglomerates in Germany and Europe that also includes the PENNY and toom Baumarkt brands.

With over 80 million residents across 16 federal states, Germany can represent a serious challenge to a national grocery chain, especially when trying to target offers to regional tastes. Product information for advertising materials and web platforms needs to be created and updated consistently, while ensuring regional buyers and category managers are in sync with the head office. All of this has to work in lock step with merchandise data management, for pricing and inventory control.


  • Control and oversight of all products, information and prices

  • Direct communication and comprehensibility

  • Management of all promotions and campaigns

  • Revision security

  • Centralized and streamlined production of advertising orders and layouts in one system for all regions and target groups

REWE Case Study outcomes


  • Changes in layout and content in real time

  • Automated display of metadata in layouts

  • Targeted placement of content

  • Central availability of image and text material

  • Templates for layouts based on a modular system

  • System-supported, workflow-based generation of all kinds of PDFs

Significant efficiency enhancement

Thanks to the system implemented by MSP, REWE has been able to make the production of advertising materials 75 percent more efficient. Since everything is digitally administered and implemented in a single system, very few e-mails and even fewer printouts are necessary. The potential pricing mistakes that could occur during transfer prior to introduction of the retail module have been eliminated by calling up the information directly from the database. The production processes synchronized and automated with censhare thus save costs, conserve resources and create additional capacities. In addition, a modern retail group like REWE requires a flexible system that can grow alongside the company. In collaboration with MSP, ideas are implemented and solutions are found for the various problems and challenges.

We particularly like always having a single point of contact who is familiar with our specific requirements and able to provide us with solution-oriented support.

Tanja Leuschner
Head of Pre-Press Production


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