State of the art communication management based on censhare.

Switzerland's No. 1 Retailer Opts for censhare

Migros was founded by Gottlieb Duttweiler in the year 1925 and has evolved into Switzerland's largest retailer in the meantime. More than 86,000 employees generate some CHF 25 billion per year. Migros is organized as a cooperative and is supported by around 2 million cooperative members. The company operates throughout Switzerland and is represented by 10 regionally organized cooperatives. The Migros Group comprises supermarkets, specialized markets and product centers, as well as retailing and travel organizations. With a total of some 600 sales outlets, Migros operates in all four language regions of Switzerland.

Apart from its commercial activities, Migros is also actively engaged as a corporate citizen in the areas of culture, society, recreation and education. With its so-called "culture percent" concept ("Kulturprozent“), as well as various funding initiatives the company makes a strong contribution to the quality of life of its customers. It therefore comes as no great surprise that Migros was elected as Switzerland's most trusted brand in the year 2012. The exemplary, multimedia based communication with its customers certainly contributed to this success. To cite a few examples, these activities include the print magazines "Migros-Magazin" and "Vivai", the Migros website, the consumer platform Migipedia.ch as well as social media, or also the M-Infoline and the M-Cumulus bonus program. These media allow users, consumers and customers to obtain information, as well as communicating among each other or dialoging with the company.

In order to ensure state of the art communication with its customers, Migros decided to upgrade its content management in the year 2011. With its Digital Experience Platform, censhare proved to be the perfect partner, and the only provider offering a standardized system solution featuring a modular structure. This was a very important criterion for Migros, as this enabled package to be compiled that was customized to specific needs, while offering flexible future expansion options in all directions.

As a central system, the censhare platform replaced the high number of systems that were involved in the advertising materials production process to date. In the process, system complexity has been reduced, which has resulted in tremendous improvements in production reliability and the quality of the communication materials. Articles, and advertising images as well as additional product information can now be managed and administrated in media neutral form at a central instance. Regardless as to whether the data are required for processing a flyer, poster advertising, the weekly “Migros-Magazin”, the accompanying web portal or other online media - they are always at hand in the appropriate form for the respective advertising materials. Layout adjustments can also be performed conveniently and at all times. Various workflows, such as the web-based goods-to-print process or the automated PDF distribution of outlet specific POS posters are also supported.

Today, Migros staff as well as advertising agencies, translators and photographers are all working on one and the same communication platform. Thanks to censhare solutions it is possible to seamlessly integrate all individuals involved in the planning, creation and production of advertising materials. In this way, the current status of a production is transparent and traceable at all times and for every party involved. After files have been created, they are stored centrally, can be subsequently processed and can be retrieved at all times and from any place with system access - both in their original form as well as in all documents in which they were used. In addition, the user friendly system structure enables the efficient cooperation of all parties involved and makes a significant contribution to keeping error rates in the production process low, while avoiding redundancy.

Based on censhare, Migros is currently successfully producing various advertising materials for 10 different national regions in three language versions. This includes the price flyer for the print version of the Migros magazine with a weekly circulation of around 2.2 million copies, various posters, POS material as well as additional flyers and in the online area the “Migros-Magazin” web portal and the distribution of offers for the Migros app.

According to Gabriel Gübeli, Head of Promotions Management at Migros, the implementation of censhare has mainly resulted in three positive effects:

On the one hand, we were able to reduce the costs of advertising material production by a tremendous measure. In the case of hosting this was in excess of 70%, while we achieved savings of 15% at the agency. Moreover, the entire process is now far more efficient thanks to system support, and has also become highly transparent, as everything is traceable at all times.

We have been able to reduce the costs of producing advertising material by a tremendous measure and to organize the process far more efficient and transparent.

Gabriel Gübeli
Head of Promotions Management


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