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Healthy International Communication

At Hevert, the specific support of diverging customer groups such as drugstores, doctors, practitioners of natural therapeutics, pharmaceutical technical assistants and end users represent critical core processes. These clients must be kept continuously informed via various channels and motivated for the brand and its products. Managing the data of tens of thousands of customers with very different degrees of requirements is a challenging task for Hevert’s communication.

A product catalog created with censhare forms the central hub for communication, and contains all the information on medicines, active ingredients and therapeutic areas. All the information is managed centrally and the communication is optimized by recording, translating, editing and outputting the language versions tailored to the specific channels and users. Besides numerous language and country variants, all the target groups are treated individually. The Hevert website dynamically delivers varying information for all expert and consumer groups.

Different legal systems, approval procedures and regulations require country-specific presentation of the information, especially with regard to package leaflets.

Besides the package leaflet and the packaging, censhare is used to produce and administer brochures, flyers, sales material, catalogs, advertising material, press releases, the dynamic and multilingual website as well as a semantic consultancy database with access to all combinations of active substances. Hevert is able to manage all marketing, advertising and information materials centrally, thereby ensuring the continuity and reusability of the assets.

Hevert pays particular attention to licenses and releases (content related and country specific regulations with guidelines for active ingredients and patient information). Here, a special business process has been set up: Media are managed in “job pockets” and the communication released after inspections by appointed and certified information officers (doctors and lawyers).

A more efficient and leaner mapping of processes, while driving growth and internationalization forward; these were the demands Hevert-Arzneimittel made on the censhare solution. One of Hevert’s goals was to enable communication across more channels and languages with the same number of employees and external partners. In addition, Hevert was able to improve the transparency of the entire process with censhare: today Hevert’s employees know far more about one another and their activities and are therefore better able to judge the impact of their own actions on other departments.

We are able to transport our knowledge very well and very quickly with censhare.

Mathias Hevert
Managing Director


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