MSP Easter raffle

That's what we're known for - There's always something new to experience and we went WOOOHHHOO.

Most of the employees have returned from their Easter vacation and we thought: How about a little "Easter event" and a raffle? And it was a good idea! There was an incredible atmosphere and a lot of winning excitement in the room. A great event with many smiling moments and joy.

to win there were:

  • LED cubes - extremely cool garden furniture to sit or look at for the cozy ambience.

  • Beautiful sturdy backpacks

  • Shapely MSP sunglasses - suitable for the approaching summer

  • Holi powder for the party-animals

  • A few cups for the morning coffee

  • Small sporting goods (water bottle, massage ball)

  • And so that no one has to go empty-handed, a whole lot of little "skill games to go"