Server & Storage

Procurement, Installation & Commissioning | Our established concepts and solutions for hardware and software are individually adapted.


Centrally managed and highly available | Better utilize your hardware, save costs, and provision IT resources faster and more flexibly.

Rollout & Migration

Planning and implementation | We advise and support you in the exchange of disused hardware and software and make this possible during operation.


Efficient use | Programs, security updates or settings are distributed quickly and conveniently to all computers and servers in the company.


Virtually networked | We integrate and expand VoIP systems quickly and cost-effectively for communication via phone, mobile phone and computer.


threat protection | With the UTM (Unified Thread Management) you administer all protection functions via a uniform interface.

Switching & Routing

Intelligent network | Provides a secure corporate network via cable or Wi-Fi where your employees need it.

Mobile Device Management

Manage mobile devices cost-effectively| Install, configure, lock or delete programs and updates – all centrally for all or individual devices.